About This Game

DreadHaunt is a 4v1 co-op and PVP multiplayer horror and deception game.
The player who is possessed will become a ghost, and the others must survive the haunting!

A massive demonic possession has turned the country into a state of emergency. As a fresh recruit of a class E field agent, you must Secure, Content, and Protect the source of evil to further investigate and save your country in the process.


Horror and Deceptions

Play either as a survivor or the demonic possessed one that is hiding among us.

Challenging gameplay

In this asymmetrical multiplayer game, no two DreadHaunt play-throughs are ever the same.
No one knows who will be possessed during the game, and which ghosts will appear.

Secure. Contain. Protect!

Play to secure and establish initial containment over designated anomalous entities, objects, or supernatural phenomenons.

Indonesian-Asian theme exorcisms

Immerse and transform yourself into unique supernatural phenomenons inspired by Indonesian-Asian lore myths and legends.

Unique Ghost Hunting Tools

Use retro equipment mixed with quirky local's ghost hunting tools.

More content, more scares, no microtransactions

Enjoy our future updates!
Have fun selecting your favorite character skins,
play new maps, new ghosts, new characters, and new game-modes.

We will bring new level of Dread just for you.
No microtransactions.
Just DLCs.



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